Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Jimin Lee is a Korean-American writer and high school student attending Seoul International School. Her fiction and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in Watershed Review, Crashtest Magazine, The Daphne Review, and The Rising Phoenix Review, among others. In addition, she is an alumna of the Juniper Institute for Young Writers. She enjoys learning about the world around her and writing about it.



Prose Editor

Vivian Parkin DeRosa is a high school senior from the Jersey Shore. Her writing has been recognized by the YoungArts foundation and the Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards, and her work has appeared in the Huffington PostPoets Reading the News, the Louisville Review, and other publications. She blogs at vivianparkinderosa.com. When not working on her novels, she enjoys knitting and reality cooking competitions. 



Poetry Editor

Smriti Verma grew up in Delhi, India, where she studies English Literature at the University of Delhi. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in The Adroit Journal, Coldnoon, B O D Y, Cleaver Magazine, Word Riot, Open Road Review, Alexandria Quarterly, Yellow Chair Review, and The Four Quarters Magazine. She is the recipient of the 2015 Save The Earth Poetry Prize and enjoys working as a poetry editor for Inklette and poetry reader for Winter Tangerine. Her interests involve film, literature and creative writing.

Joie Cao

joie Cao

Graphic Designer

Joie Cao is an 18 year old graphic designer from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a 2019 National Youngarts Finalist in Design, US Presidential Scholar in Arts nominee, and Scholastic National Medalist. She enjoys package design and article layout. Aside from design, she also enjoys illustration, baking, and teaching private art lessons.


Yunseo Jung

Layout Editor

Yunseo Jung was born in Korea, raised in Singapore, and now, she is a rising sophomore in Vancouver, Canada. Ever since she was young, her diverse experiences around the world have allowed her to develop a unique perspective for art. Since then, her passion has been boundless. Yunseo constantly searches for art, whether that is through museums and exhibitions, or in her everyday life.