About Us

Founded by writer Jimin Lee in 2017 as a high school sophomore, The Ideate Review is a literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, and art related to its theme, identity. We are dedicated to showcasing outstanding works by writers and artists from across the globe that explore and transcend the self. Issues are released on a biannual basis (in summer and winter).

The goal of our magazine is to foster a safe platform for writers and artists from diverse backgrounds to express themselves freely. To that end, we do not publish or tolerate any work that is racist, queerphobic, misogynistic, transphobic, erotic, etc.

As the publication name suggests, we aim to encourage writers and artists to “ideate” and display their creative, original works that convey their identities in relation to contemporary issues.

The Ideate Review has been listed on NewPagesEvery Writer, and Duotrope.

Our Theme

We firmly believe in the power of writing and art as tools to explore ourselves and the world around us. That having been said, we seek submissions that convey a strong sense of identity. What makes you unique? What experience do you to want share with the rest of the world? What global issue is pertinent to you and in what ways does it impact you? We hope you take the opportunity to consider these questions deeply and engage with your identity when submitting to The Ideate Review.