Founded by writer Jimin Lee in December 2017 during her high school sophomore year, The Ideate Review is a literary magazine that publishes works by writers and artists above the age of 14 from across the globe.

We publish short stories, poems, and artworks that relate to its theme: global issues and identity. Issues are published on a tri-annual basis (in April, August, and December).

Because the goal of the magazine is to foster a safe venue for writers and artists from diverse backgrounds to freely express themselves, we do not publish or tolerate any works that are racist, queerphobic, misogynistic, transphobic, erotic, etc.

As the publication name suggests, we hope to foster a dynamic venue for writers and artists to “ideate” and display their creative and original works that explore their identities in relation to contemporary issues.


The Ideate Review has been listed on NewPagesEvery Writer, and Duotrope.


We seek submissions that convey a strong sense of identity.